all beyond perception

by A B I S M O

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Bucky This is some if the coolest shit I've heard in a long time. It's been on repeat all day. Combines bits of stoner, doom, and psychedelics with catchy alternative grooves and gritty vocals. Like a ghostly punk-laden desert rock steeped in spirits of Americana-doom.
Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger Excellent doomy stoner psych ( a particular weakness of mine ) Favorite track: Beyond the Red.
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"Quem está no limiar só saberá que está no limiar quando colocar um pé pra fora, no abismo"


released April 6, 2016

A B I S M O:

Poney - guitarra e voz
Stefano - guitarra
Pícaro - baixo
Poletto - bateria

Gravado em 16 canais no CL Áudio nos dias 11 e 12 de Outubro de 2015.

Produzido e mixado gentilmente por Pedro Carvalho entre os meses de Novembro a Março de 2016.

Logotipo por Bianca Ardanuy
Concepção de capa por Luiz Poletto e Abismo
Layout e design de capa por Júlio Lapagesse




A B I S M O Brasília, Brazil

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Track Name: Protofuture
In a certain type of present
There is more future
Than in the future itself

Em certas vidas
Há mais morte
Do que na morte ela mesma
Track Name: The Edge
Trying to seek control
Trying to keep control

All control

Trying to lose control
The edge of control
Track Name: Beyond the Red
Everything's a lie
Everything you hear, everything you see
So much to spew it out
(Evil) Where is it come from?

The only thing to do
Make an island with your truth

Wrong. I've seen another world.
Things you never will

In this world, a man himself is nothing
And there's just this world.
Just this rock

Do you ever feel lonely?
Only around people
Track Name: Onironaut
Sailing on an ocean
Without notice wrote a book
Whose plot was lost


Sailing on an ocean
Compound feeling
Without notice wrote a book
Whose plot was lost


Subconscious is a road
Which path you just don’t know
All you can do is
Go, go, go
Track Name: The Right to be Forgotten / Exiled in Itself
No sights beyond it
Exiled in itself
Skull is the limit

A legend well told
Becomes absolute
Try to change anything
Becomes the enemy

No sights beyond it
Exiled in itself
Skull is the limit

The loser vote
A specialist
In lands of humongous
Track Name: L.u.p.i. / Talking Walls
Strolling through this desert city
I feel fear flowing through my veins
Mindfulness is my haste
But i can't assure I’ll be the same

Surrender to the void
Egos are destroyed
Acquaintance to the talking walls

All beyond
Track Name: Sun
Of helium and hydrogen
Exploding indifferent

Here we are
Of a huge mass

Gradually shaping us
Molded to radiation

Here we are
Nothing else

The true creationism
Nothing abstract
Our substrate built
By generous energy